How to be Green & Healthy with Oils


Did you know that Transfer Buying or Replacement Buying is a great way to take the things in your household that you already use and replace them with high quality essential oil-infused products instead? This is a wonderful way to be able to benefit from essential oils without breaking the bank since you already have a budget set aside every month for these types of products. I choose essential oils and essential oil-infused products by the Young Living company. You might ask yourself, "Why would I want to replace the products I am already using with the Young Living Essential Oils products instead?" That is a good question and there are many reasons as to why you may like to consider switching.

First and foremost is the peace of mind knowing that all Young Living products are of the highest purity and support your good health. The products you may find at grocery stores, drug stores and sadly even some in health food stores, such as household cleaning products, personal care products, cosmetics, deodorants, soaps, shower gels etc. are not required to disclose all their product ingredients and that means we are exposed to many hidden chemicals every day that either have not been tested for safety or they have already been found to compromise our wellness but we may not even know we are exposed to them.

I also just found out there is a lot of "greenwashing" going on that is a marketing strategy many companies are currently using since they know that many consumers are concerned about the environment and becoming aware of the link between the quality of their health and their exposure to toxins. People are voting with their dollars and supporting environmentally responsible companies with safe product alternatives. Some of these products may have labels which say "green" or "natural" but on closer inspection many unfortunately may still contain ingredients which are not safe.


Of course, another reason to "Transfer Buy" or "Replacement Buy" is the "magic" of the high quality, therapeutic grade essential oils themselves. All of Young Living products are essential oil infused with the highest grade essential oils on earth! That seems like a bold statement but I have come to this conclusion through 8 years of using the Young Living Essential Oils and seeing positive results for myself, my family, my colleagues and my clients. I have also researched many aspects of the company and become confident of their intentions and quality assurance. In the past, essential oils have been described as the immune system or the circulatory system of plants and to me, I have come to see them as the soul of plants. Young Living treats these gifts from plants called Essential oils with respect through non-GMO, biodynamic, sustainable farming methods which ensure that the plants, the land and the people who cultivate the land are treated with love and respect. This is just one part of the Young Living 5-step "Seed to Seal" process which guarantees purity.  All those factors are very important to me.

As you might have discovered, many essential oil companies have the word "pure" on their labels but unfortunately most essential oils on the market are fragrance-grade or perfume-grade and not therapeutic grade. Even the essential oils in health food stores and in essential oil specialty shops are mostly perfume-grade and although you may think that they smell nice, they have usually been mixed, diluted and/or adulterated with other ingredients. Only 1-2% of essential oil production in the world is therapeutic grade. Again, buyer beware. Research the company from which you are interested in purchasing to discover its policies and procedures behind the scenes. Does it allow anyone to visit their farms or partner farms to see for themselves whether the utmost care is being taken to produce a truly therapeutic grade oil? As little as 5% pure oil in a bottle will qualify a company to use the term "pure" on their labeling in the USA.  Some oil companies may also claim they are certified organic however there are no third party procedures in place to certify essential oils as organic so companies that use that term are basically certifying themselves. Even more importantly, being organic is only one of the many factors involved in making an essential oil that is truly pure and therapeutic when the consumer (you!) opens the bottles and uses the oils. Young Living is not only organic, it is biodynamic and adheres to 5 stringent steps in their "Seed to Seal" process to ensure purity and potency at each and every step


There are other reasons for replacing your everyday products with Young Living but I don't want to make this post too long LOL! 

It basically comes down to treating the planet with respect, treating people with respect and creating an environmentally sustainable home for our children and future generations as well as reducing the stress load of toxins that we are exposed to everyday and increasing health-giving ingredients/nutrients in our lives so that we can all live "above the line" of wellness.


To learn more about these amazing oils please visit my Young Living website or contact me with your questions. I can help you open a free wholesale account where you can purchase these life-supporting oils at 24% discount.

Contact me for a free "Transfer Buying" List to help you take a look at what you are already purchasing and make a plan for replacement.

Enzina DeAngelis,
Women's Wellness & Empowerment 
Essential Oils Educator

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