Winter Wellness with Essential Oils

Support your body’s natural defenses with pure essential oils …

During winter, it’s comforting to know that there are natural and organic remedies that have been around for centuries, helping to strengthen immunity, soothe aches, uplift mood, and get us through winter season quicker & easier, so we can get back to our already full lives. Come and learn practical ways to use Young Living therapeutic grade essential oils throughout the winter season to keep our families healthy and active.

Introducing the Golden Touch 1 Collection with 7 essential oil blends to support immune, endocrine, respiratory & digestive health 

Join us for an immune boosting cup of Thieves tea!

Presented by: 
Holistic Healthcare Practitioners 
Angela Shim & Enzina DeAngelis 

2174 Major Mackenzie Dr., Maple, ON

Time: 2-4pm

COST: Free

Limited Space

RSVP with Enzina 416-709-9993 or email by clicking the Contact Button at the top of the page.

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Save your mask for Halloween, not for Cleaning!

It was a relief when I learned that pure esssential oils could help eliminate toxins in my life in safe, effective ways. The Toxic Overload Workshop on November 3rd will give you quite a few ideas of how to combat the toxins that are floating around in our environment now-a-days.  Pure essential oils can come to the rescue both on a personal level to enhance health and well-being and also for household cleaning.  You can now eliminate toxic cleaners from your home and instead of holding your breath (or using a mask) you can breathe easy, enhance the good health of your lungs and get your home sparkling clean at the same time!

Here are a few Young Living Community Events that you may be interested in attending this month:

Thursday October 23:  Young Living Introductory Meeting

What is Young Living, and what is an essential oil? How can essential oils benefit me and my family? The answers to these and many other important questions are waiting in a Young Living Introductory Meeting near you! Young Living Introductory Meetings are designed as a fun and educational look into the history, products, and benefits of the World Leader in Essential Oils®.


These events are free and open to the public.

October 23rd, 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Hilton Garden Inn
Contact me for more information and to register (free) by clicking on the Contact Button above or call 416-709-9993


Sunday November 2:  Toxic Overload: Pure Essential Oils to the Rescue.  

Join us for a Free wellness experience on Sunday November 2, 7pm-9pm and learn how to create a real Green, Non-Toxic home with essential oils based natural solutions!

More information here:

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Sunday November 30:  Raindrop Technique Training

1-Day Raindrop Technique Workshop  9:30am--5:30pm

RAINDROP TECHNIQUE® is a procedure of applying a sequence of organic and therapeutic grade essential oils that delivers nutrients to the feet, back and spine.

  • Powerful non-invasive massage
  • Uses Young Living therapeutic grade essential oils
  • Relieves chronic dis-comfort
  • Facilitates physical & emotional trauma release
  • Strengthens the immune system  
  • Eases stress & profoundly relaxing 
  • This 1-day hands-on workshop is designed to teach you to perform Raindrop Technique safely for your own self-care as well as helping friends & family.


More information here:

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I Love my Work

I love my work when it comes to sharing the benefits of the Young Living Oils.  I have been using the oils for 6 years and just love them.  They have helped to manage and balance severe anxiety as well as helped to relieve a lot of body aches over the years..  A couple of years ago the oils also supported my lungs to greater health.

On Sunday September 28th I will be co-facilitating a workshop with Angela Shim at the Holistic Health Centre in Maple.  We will be sharing with you how to do use the essential oils contained in the "Everyday Oils Collection" Kit from Young Living for greater health and happiness.  You will also be participating in the Everyday Oils Experience.  The fee is $20 which is waived if you bring your own "Everyday Oils Collection" Kit.

Contact me for more information and to register for this amazing event.



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